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Off The Floor
User Research, Branding, Campaign

the challenge

High rates of Rheumatic Fever are causing lasting impacts to the health and wellbeing of remote indigenous communities.

the scope

12 weeks, 1 researcher/designer

the problem to solve

Australia currently has some of the highest rates of Rheumatic Heart Disease in the world. The disease is 100% preventable and is typically experienced in 3rd world countries.

the process

Research – Conducted user interviews with community members, key project stakeholders regarding current health responses
Research how other ‘for change’ businesses approach health issues with indigenous communities
Develop a plan for key areas of focus and bedding plans
Scrap hammock bedding plan based on feedback from the community, change focus to education and supply of bedding
Develop base resources simplifying often complex information for ease of understanding for indigenous communities


the outcome

Mobile and web app designed which integrates with Swinburne’s current website to reduce additional touchpoints. The resolution allows students to filter courses, majors and component units to create a plan tailored to their course and workload availabilities preventing existing planning errors

Suggestion to utilise the application as a source of truth and part of education for those working in course planning

next steps

Develop further resources and work with other primary stakeholders to get information to communities
Transport of bedding and other items to community Op Shops
Skill teaching for communities to build own infrastructure

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