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Jess is a ux designer with a passion for client relations, considered products and long walks to beautiful places. Just the good stuff.

recent projects

My Swinplan

My Swinplan

Creating more visibility for students planning their course at Swinburne

Off The Floor

Off The Floor

Changing the language around health and wellbeing for remote indigenous communities.



Simplifying and organising information architecture for a growing organisation

Dream Seeds

Dream Seeds

A program to build aspiration, resilience and connection for primary school students



Exploring unusual fears and the psychology of phobias through illustration

Thoughtful, Creative & Kind

With a range of experience in and out of the world of design, Jess is a damn good user experience designer. She can adapt to various situations, have real conversations, negotiate with and excite key stakeholders (and chat branches with the development team.)

What I Do

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of brands as a project manager or designer across digital, web and print projects.

UX, Research

Creating meaningful user experiences through research, best practice and exploration. Jess delves into primary and secondary research, understanding the market, defining the audiences and mapping out user interactions.

UI, Design, Branding

With over 6 years of graphic design experience, designing interfaces, meaningful brands and detailed applications are some of the good work at hand.  

Project Management

Planning, coordinating and implementing design projects from ideation to completion. Experience managing complex eCommerce builds, delegating tasks, mentoring team embers and facilitating quality client experiences. 

Talking Tech

At least Jess tries to talk tech. Working closely with development teams, Sass providers and clients in the tech space, let’s chat branches and PRs.

In Good Company

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of companies, individuals and brands as a project manager and designer across digital, web and print projects.

Not good at socials

I can’t guarantee high quality social media content, but there is a strong chance of WIPs, office dogs and garden shots.

Have a project or role in mind?