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Dream Seeds
Branding, Program Creation, Education Assets

the challenge

Create a program to build aspiration, resilience and connection for rural students leaving primary school, to better prepare them for secondary school and the challenges they may face.

the scope

5 months (part time)// 1 Designer, 1 university lecturer, 6 student teachers, 1 full-time teachers // develop a 90 minute face-to-face education workshop

the problem to solve

The Regional Policy Advisory Committee of the Victorian State Government report Research into education aspiration for regional Victoria identified young people in regional Victoria are less likely to complete secondary and post-compulsory qualifications than their metropolitan counterparts. Intervention needs to be taken before they start high school to build aspiration, resilience and connection.

the process

Focus group and follow up ideation session for activity types/engagement ideas

Development of program itinary & activity resources

Branding ideation

Presenter training

Pilot program at schools in Creswick, Ballarat and Maryborough 

Refine content and training style

the outcome

Dream seeds is a fun, interactive workshop, designed and presented by Youthrive alumni for Year 6 classes. The workshop aims to show young people that they have the capacity to be the leaders of their own lives, whatever their background. Original activities and games will aim to build the knowledge and skills that they need to create a vision and practical pathways to positive futures.

next steps

The Dream Seeds® program has been delivered to over 1000 students across 38 primary schools in rural Victoria. In 2018, the Dream Seeds team was awarded the Southwest TAFE & Deakin University Regional Achiever Award at the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

This program has also been expanded beyond the classroom. An interactive website was created in 2019 to accompany the workshops and ensure program participants can continue to connect with the ideas of Dream Seeds after the workshop. 

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