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// Branding
// Concept Development


Gathered was my solution to an open branding brief. For the project, I wanted to create a program and brand focused on fresh food sustainability. Australia currently wastes around eight billion dollars worth of food each year.

As well as creating the branding, I delved into the brand and what it stood for, placing the emphasis around helping consumers to learn, grow & support.

The first stage, Learn, focuses on teaching people of all ages about food and managing a sustainable food supply. From here, it is the program’s desire to grow people’s ability to make conscious and informed decisions about their food purchases, while increasing their ability to produce their own food on a large or small scale. Finally, producers will be supported through the implementation of grants and initiatives, education sessions and government lobbying for the agricultural sector.

The brand was rolled across a range of applications related to the goals and mission of the program.

Gathered Logo
Gathered brand pattern with farm items
Gathered Website Landing Page
Kids Wrapping paper
Gathered Train Billboard

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land from which I work and live – the Taungurung people and their elders past, present and emerging.
I recognise your continued connection to place and the importance of lands, heritage and culture.