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Beach Please!

// The challenge

Create an application which engages local communities with protecting and preserving coastal areas

// The Scope
36 hours, 3 members, develop a functioning app prototype 

Beach Please is a mobile application targeted at local Australian tourists who are looking to be more sustainable but have not yet found an entry point to sustainability. The prototype takes on a playful and gamified approach introducing visitors to simple sustainable practices they can embody in their everyday life. The user is intuitively led through a sustainable and coast friendly day trip, teaching them and reinforcing behaviour that is friendly to our beaches and oceans. Using gestures which are familiar to users such as tapping and sliding the user has the option to explore further information about slang terms from surfing communities or eco practises. The illustration style is set in parallel to the slang and humour filled dialogue in the app. It’s vibrance and relevant style mirrors that of animated sitcoms currently popular with those aged between 18 and 35.

Once users complete all scenarios they are given the opportunity to pledge to be a better tourist, allowing others to find the app socially. 

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